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Carrying Twins

Which size wrap is suitable for twins?

A wrap for a large baby will also accommodate two small children for a while after birth. However, you are unlikely to be carrying twins at the same time once they get to around a year old. They are simply too heavy. Therefore, sizes for parents of twins are similar for parents of one child with a moderate safety allowance. That means wrap size 6 for women up to dress size 14 and wrap size 7 for dress sizes over a 14. We do not recommend a shorter wrap as you will be unable to tie it properly due to the special twins carrying method.


One wrap or two?

If you’re off on a day trip with the whole family, two wraps are of course better so that each baby can have their own carrier. This is good for you, and the twins get to feel the love of both parents.


Parents of twins will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of two DIDYMOS wraps.


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