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Do something Good for your Child

I’ve noticed that being carried close to their mother is especially good for our three young ones, since, having been born prematurely, they still have pronounced kinaesthetic deficiencies, which babywearing helps to address and remedy. After all, they are missing six weeks of being carried in their mother’s womb.”

Didy news from Anja



The warmth and security resulting from bodily contact in the sling are soothing to child and parent alike, giving parents confidence in recognising their children’s needs and children confidence in expressing their needs. This bond serves to stimulate your baby’s senses, giving her a safe place from which to discover you and her environment.


Doctors, midwives and physiotherapists have also praised the positive impact this has on a child’s development, as the sling comprehensively supports her body. It also promotes the natural spread-squat position adopted by a child as soon as you pick her up. A DIDYMOS baby carrier allows you to carry your child safely across your stomach, on your hip or on your back. For children whose hips are not yet properly developed, carrying them in a sling supports their development.