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Babywearing strengthens bonding and helps you stay healthy and flexible



Building a strong, affectionate and trusting relationship matters, for both parents and children.  Bonding usually occurs in the first few moments, days, and weeks of a baby’s life and strengthens even more through physical contact. Babies greatly love and need to be held constantly – babywearing does them good in so many ways. But, what about you? How does babywearing help you as parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers? How will carrying influence the relationship between parents and their babies?


Babywearing strengthens bonding and attachment between parent and child

It is one of the most wonderful feelings: a parent’s love for her child. And yet, parental love doesn‘t always happen “overnight.” It develops and grows during the first weeks of life and hormones play a big part in this process. While you touch, see, smell and hear your baby, a cocktail of hormones is released, among them vasopressin and oxytocin, the socalled  ‘love hormone’ which encourages bonding between parents and their newborn. You just can’t help falling in love with this wonderful little bundle of joy and so lay the foundation for a lasting and unique relationship.

Wearing your newborn for many hours close to your body is great for attachment. Eye and body contact, caressing, cuddling, soothing touch: all this fosters bonding – the formation of a mutual emotional and psychological closeness between you and your newborn child. Young parents and their newborns are hardwired to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. If they follow their instincts, they will develop a great bond and rapport. Wearing your child in a  DIDYMOS baby wrap or a DIDYMOS baby carrier  will be helpful in facilitating and enjoying the bonding process.


Babywearing can help your body stay healthy

Not only does babywearing contribute to the health and well-being of your baby and strengthen the bond between you, it is also a great way for you to stay physically strong. In fact, carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier from birth is also a great opportunity to exercise your muscles. It is common that during pregnancy women will experience back pain. After birth, a high quality baby carrier allows you to meet your baby’s need to be held without straining your back. When done correctly, babywearing through a DIDYMOS wrap or carrier can be a gentle workout. It can be helpful for resuming a proper posture and promoting a healthy recovery of your pelvic floor as well as strengthening your back. Babywearing in and of itself can be considered a workout. And as your baby grows and gains in weight, your body muscles will adapt to this challenge. So, why not carry your child!




Babywearing makes you feel competent

Holding your baby close to your body in a wrap or carrier will help you become aware of and familiar with your baby’s movements and facial expressions. You will be able to better understand her signals of hunger, discomfort, or even diaper change needs and be responsive before they start to cry. Babywearing makes you feel more competent and confident in your parenting skills. This helps deepen your parent-child relationship and bond.


Babywearing keeps you flexible

Integrating a baby into our busy lives can often be quite challenging for parents. How can you get everything done with a baby in your arms? A baby wrap or carrier will give you a lot of flexibility. While holding your baby nice and close, your hands are free to get on with things: wash the dishes or the laundry, work at a desk or interact with your older children. Babywearing is also possible with twins or two children of different ages – and your hands remain free.




Babywearing helps you stay active

You love sports and physical activity? Then try to workout with your baby while holding them close and snug in a baby carrier. Stretches, lunges or squats – how about doing something for your fitness, together with other parents? With babywearing workouts you can build strength while both having fun and keeping your baby close and happy in a DIDYMOS wrap or carrier.

Babywearing is also a great way to stay mobile. From buses and trains to stairs and sidewalks  –  wearing your baby in a DIDYMOS wrap or carrier is very helpful for going places that you would find hard with a stroller. It is convenient for moving around, using public transportation, going shopping or taking a hilly walk.  No need to handle heavy, bulky strollers. Babywearing is incredibly helpful for integrating your baby into your daily life.


As you can see, carrying your baby has many benefits for you, too. It is a great way to stay strong, confident and flexible in every sense. It makes your everyday life much easier: while your hands are free to get things done, your baby is close for hugs and kisses and for all they need to feel safe for a secure attachment.