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Babywearing helps protect against Infection



Whether during a pandemic or a local outbreak of illness, babywearing – more than ever – offers comfort and security for you and your child!

Carrying your child close is a simple way to make sure your child is protected from illnesses:

  • Science has shown that babywearing and physical closeness improve immunological protection.
  • Carried, your child is protected against germy hands!
  • When your child is in a carrier, her face is close to your body and less likely to be touched by others.
  • When your baby is nestled close to your body, facing inwards, her respiratory system is physiologically less exposed to germs and pathogens.


Online Consultancy

If you want to minimise contact and are unsure whether to book a face-to-face babywearing consultation, an online consultancy session might be an option. Please give us a call to learn more about our babywearing assistance services: +49 7141 97571-0.


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