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DIDYMOS Rental Sling

There are only a few more steps to renting your sling:

  1. Choose a DIDYMOS sling here
  2. Use our sizing guide to find the right size for you (5 and above).
  3. Complete the online form and send it off to us to enable us to process your order as quickly as possible.
  4. Receive a high-quality, new cotton or jersey sling and get testing.
  5. Enjoy going about your daily tasks with your child snuggled up to you in a healthy and comfortable position for ten days.
  6. Once the test period is over, you can
    • keep the sling or swap it for a different model or different carrier and pay the full price, and the rental charge will be waived, or
    • return the sling to us and pay a EUR 17.00 rental charge (including VAT, shipping costs not included).




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