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DIDYMOS Carrier on Trial

You are only a few steps away from trying out a DIDYMOS carrier:

  1. Select one (or several) DIDYMOS carriers from the list below. Here you will find an overview of all carriers.
    If you would like to lend a DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling please use our wrap sling lending form.
  2. Please complete the online form so that we can process your order as soon as possible.
    You can also test various carriers. The lending fee of 17 € (incl. VAT, plus delivery charges) applies for each requested DIDYMOS carrier.
  3. You will receive high-quality carriers from our lending range. Unlike with the Baby Wrap Sling it is unfortunately not possible to select a model among the DIDYMOS carriers.
  4. Enjoy everyday life for 10 days with the carrier while keeping your child close to you in a healthy and comfortable position.
  5. At the end of the trial period
    • You decide whether the carrier is just the thing for you. You then choose a model among our design range and send back the test carrier. You pay the full price for the new carrier, the lending fee will not be charged.
      If you have ordered several carriers for testing and choose one to buy, the total lending fee for all tested DIDYMOS carriers will not be charged.
    • If you send back the carrier without purchasing, the rental charge of 17 € (incl. VAT, plus delivery charges) is charged.




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