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The DIDYMOS rental sling for those who've yet to make up their minds



Am I the baby sling type? Will my child like being carried in the sling? Are the slings really so easy to tie? If you’re still unable to answer these questions, then you can simply rent a DIDYMOS sling for 10 days. For EUR 17.00, (including VAT, shipping costs not included), you can rent one of many DIDYMOS sling models and test it out yourself, experimenting with the different ways of tying it and carrying your child around with you throughout the day.



  • DIDYMOS rental slings are available in size 5 and above, allowing you to test them in different situations.
  • They’re all made of cotton or elastic jersey.
  • DIDYMOS slings can only be rented within Germany.


To order a rental sling, simply complete the online form. We’ll then send you a DIDYMOS sling of your choice to use as if it were your own for the duration of the rental period. After 10 days, you can decide to either pay EUR 17.00 and return it, or pay its full price and keep it. And you can of course order a larger or smaller sling after returning it.

Or would you prefer a DidySling or Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) instead? Then the rental charge will be waived in this case.

You can order the DIDYMOS rental sling here.