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For the tiny ones: DIDYMOS jersey sling



Small and sensitive babies especially feel very content in the soft and cosy DIDYMOS jersey sling. It allows you to explore the world with your little one right next to you from birth and enjoy the feeling of closeness and safety afforded by the secure fastening. The sling nestles around you both thanks to its finely knitted, elastic cotton fabric and wraps your child up nice and softly. It’s ideal for light newborns, babies with temporary blockages and premature babies who couldn’t wait to come into the world.


In order to provide a particularly strong feeling of security and protection and good support, tie the DIDYMOS jersey sling in the spread wrap cross carrying position, which supports your baby’s head and back well. The sling comes in sizes 5, 6 and 7, ensuring that you always have enough material for three snug positions.


Jersey Wrap Sling Tying Guide

Did you know you can do more than just the DIDYMOS Front Wrap Cross Carry with our Jersey Hybrid Wrap? For example, you can give Robin's Hip Carry a try. With more tying options, you can use our jersey wrap throughout baby’s first year.

You can find the tying guides for our Jersey Wrap as both video and PDF download on our Tutorial Page.


The elastically knit DIDYMOS jersey sling provides the best possible support for babies weighing up to approximately 12 kilograms. The traditionally woven DIDYMOS wrap sling offers more and longer support for all larger and, in particular, more active children.