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Baby Slings & More



From DIDYMOS slings to baby carriers and accessories: you’ll find everything you need here to get you and your child safely and comfortably through all situations. We also provide you with a wealth of information on our products in the form of helpful Didy tips.


category_tuecherThe all-rounder: DIDYMOS wrap sling

Our classic product for all ages, sizes and situations >> more



category_jerseyFor the tiny ones: DIDYMOS jersey sling

The snug baby carrier for precious newborns and children with particular needs >> more



category_slingNo knots: DidySling

The alternative to slings with the rings >> more



category_taiThe one-size carrier: Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai)

Handy one-size carrier for adventurers big and small >> more



category_klickGrab your DidyKlick and you’re good to go

The ready-to-use carrier with a convenient waist belt and clip-buckle >> more



DidySnap: A soft-structured Baby Carrier

A full buckle baby carrier with two fastening systems to ensure your child is held and fully supported in the anatomically optimal position. >> more



category_didy-goThe quick back carrier: Didy Onbuhimo

The Onbuhimo without a waistbelt. Made for children who can sit unassisted. >> more



Prepared for all seasons: BabyDos

Ideal all-weather protection for your little ones, in the sun or in the snow, compatible with all carriers >> more


One for two: Babywearing jackets and vests

All-round, year-round comfort for the two of you >> more


Baby Carrier Comparison

Not quite sure which carrier is the right one for you?

We have compared the different options in a chart.

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