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We manufacture the DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Slings in 8 sizes.

With our size guide, we aim to help you determine the right size for your DIDYMOS baby wrap. In just a few clicks, you’ll find the right wrap size for you or other ‘carriers’. Alternatively, you can use our size table below.
The wrap length you’ll need depends on the carrying method you choose as well as on your own size.

Size 2 is suitable for the “Cradle” or “Hip  Carry” method, size 3 for the “Back Carry”, size 4 for the “Kangaro Carry”, size 5 for the “Cross Ccarry” and sizes 6 or 7 for the “Wrap Cross Carry”. That means, if your own body size is no more than 14 you can use Wrap Size 6 for all carrying methods. For body size 14 (GB) / 12 (US) we recommend Wrap Size 7.


Sizes and tying methods:




DIDYMOS slings have the shape of a parallelogram, with tapered ends. This gives you some extra wrap length to tie the knot with and it looks better.




Untreated cotton will shrink a bit with the first wash. For this reason your DIDYMOS Wrap Sling is a few centimeters longer than indicated. With this extra of cloth we guarantee you the exact wrap length even after washing.