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Jersey Wrap - Ideal for Premature and very Small Babies

Why use a special Baby Wrap?

Babies are born with the need to be held and to be in close contact with their mother or father. Holding your baby close gives her/him a feeling of physical and emotional security which is beneficial for a sound development of premature and for full-term babies as well. The DIDYMOS Jersey Wrap is ideally suited to carry your baby for many hours a day which is highly recommend particularly for premature babies. Made of knit cotton fabric, the DIDYMOS Jersey wrap is comfortably elastic and soft andit embraces your baby like a second skin. It provides even support and conforms completely to baby’s shape to provide warmth and closeness.
Highly elastic, the Jersey Wrap is easy to tie and to adapt to your baby’s and your shape.


Who should use the Jersey Wrap?

We recommend this elastic wrap for carrying very small and frail newborns. But it is a good choice for carrying almost all babies during their first year (up to a weight of 9 kg).

The knitted, stretchy wrap is ideally suited for babies who are highly responsive to pressure and who tend to adopt a hollow back position under the pressure exerted on them in a classical baby carrier. Being elastic and adapting easily to the baby without exerting pressure, the knitted wrap is also suited to carry high need babies (spasms, Kiss syndrome).
A normal DIDYMOS Baby Wrap made from woven fabric will accompany you and your child from birth through to toddlerhood. If, however, you intend to carry your child only during the first months, the Jersey wrap is a very good choice as well.


Who should not use the Jersey Wrap?

A stretchy, knitted wrap is not suited to carry babies with low muscle tone (hypotonia), as for example found in Down Syndrome babies. In this case a woven baby wrap is the better choice. It is less stretchy and always keeps its form providing sufficient support.










How to tie the Jersey Wrap?

Stretchy fabrics must be wrapped quite tightly in order to hold your baby securely, without sagging.

This is best achieved by using the Wrap Cross Carry or a variation of this Carry which provide a secure hold and are ideal to support your baby’s legs in the anatomically correct spread-squat position.

The head of a still young baby needs extra support. For added safety make sure to spread out wide the vertical fabric bands.







Where are the DIDYMOS Jersey wraps manufactured?

Our stretchy, Jersey Wraps are knitted in a family-run company in Southern Germany, in a region who once was renowned for its weaving and knitting tradition.. Unfortunately, only very few of these small textile companies could stand up to and compete with the international textile giants. They survived by consequently manufacturing products that are ecologically sound and of top quality.



Wash and Care Instructions

DIDYMOS Jersey Wraps are very easy to care. You can wash them at temperatures up to 60°C. They are suited for dry-spin and tumbling.



Which Size?

For carrying your child in the Jersey Wrap, we recommend to tie the Wrap Cross Carry  which means the wraps should have a sufficient length allowing to tie this carry. All our Jersey wraps are 5,40 m long and 60 cm wide and have tapered ends. They have middle markers.
With the DIDYMOS Jersey Wrap you can finally have both hands free and know your baby is safe and secure.