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Slings – History, Variations & Background

The notion of carrying a baby in an adjustable sling is nothing new. There are, however, no sources that mention the original fastenings – be they brooches or rings – used in ancient times and in the middle ages.










Dyade-Sling-gebundenIn the early 1980s, the first DYADE sling was launched in Eastern Germany. Professor Büschelberger from Dresden championed this version after the DIDYMOS sling also gained in popularity in the West and the significance of baby-wearing became more and more recognised among experts.










The DYADE sling can therefore justifiably be seen as the precursor to today’s baby slings. It already featured the typical folds and an adjustable fastening. The fact that a cord was used as the fastening instead of the practical rings could have been due to typical East German procurement difficulties.










Dyade-Sling Tying Instruction

The DYADE sling was manufactured by VEB Baby Chic from a linen weave, synthetic fabric.


This type of baby carrier has been popular in the USA for a long time, leading to the English term ‘ring sling’ being adopted into the German language.