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DidySling - Sizes and Shoulder Types



Size1: 170-180 cm     The sling tail has a tapered end and the length is measured along the shorter edge.


This length is suited for persons wearing sizes up to L resp.16 US/18 GB or 46 (F), 48 (I). If you are not sure, please measure the upper part of your body, from one shoulder down to the opposite waist height and back to the shoulder, just the way you will put on the sling. If you measure not more than 140 cm, a size 1 will do.
Longer DidySlings will be custom-made upon request.


General features
  • Cross Twill – (striped patterns) or Jacquard fabric
  • Organic cotton cultivated, havested and processed according to strict organic standards
  • Aluminium rings, 87 mm

Available in two shoulder versions, i.e. the way how the sling fabric is attached to and sewn around the rings:
Pleated (S) or not pleated resp. gathered (R) at the ring side



All DidySlings are sewn in small tailor shops in Ludwigsburg.
The DIDYMOS wraps are woven in Germany and Austria.