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Sling Sewing Instructions

With a little skill and aDidySling Ellipsen rot_250 sewing machine, you can create a ring sling from a short DIDYMOS baby wrap (size 2) all by yourself. In the method shown here, the wrap is simply gathered around the rings and sewn together. The more elaborate pleating technique that we use for the DidySling results in up to eight layers of fabric. Most household sewing machines would not be able to cope with that. Furthermore, we have also left out some finer points. For example, a skilled tailor can create a perfect, right-angled cut by pulling at two weft threads and then cutting between them. There are also better ways of neatening the edges, particularly if you own an overlocker. However, the resulting ring sling made from these instructions will serve its purpose. We will leave the finer points to our expert customers.



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With this unpleated sling you have to make sure you pull each individual fold of fabric tightly. In some cases you can actually achieve a better fit than with a badly tightened pleated sling. You can fan out the fabric on your shoulder or leave it bunched up depending on what is most comfortable for you.
For the sake of completeness, we will now show you how to sew a pleated ring sling:



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