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The DidySling – our baby sling with rings

We have been contemplating to manufacture a ring sling for some time already. The high quality fabric we use for our DIDYMOS baby wraps proved to be ideal for making ring slings and the idea of using rings to tie the sling promised to offer a lot of advantages. A ring sling, of course, is not as as versatile as a classical baby wrap, however, it is very convenient and easy to use:

You put on the sling – place your baby into it – tighten the sling – and you are done!








You love the weaves and colours of the DIDYMOS wraparound slings? Then you will appreciate the DidySlings made from the same fabric offering all the benefits that DIDYMOS weaving technique does – supportivness, diagonal stretch, durability and high quality.
The DidySling makes it easy to carry your child on your back, on your hip or in front of you. Newborns like being carried in the cradle position.

The rings are sewn on the sling end folded in pleats that open up naturally to form a comfortable pouch. The edges have double hems that won’t pinch or dig in. On request, we manufacture DidySlings without pleats – the rings are sewed to the gathered sling end.






Our DidySlings are sewn here in Ludwigsburg, the hometown of DIDYMOS. The same fabric that is available for the manufacturing of our baby wraps is also used for the DidySlings.

To create the DidySling, the fabric is simply gathered around the rings and sewn together. Comfortable, this gathered “shoulder style” conforms ideally to any shoulder.


Upon request, we manufacture DidySlings in a pleated style, i.e. the rings are sewn to the pleated fabric end.
You will find your ring sling here: