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Sun and weather protection

Out with your baby in the wind and the rain

Even when the weather is terrible, your baby can still be carried safe and secure in the wrap. You just need to take a few things into consideration:

  • BabyDos

    Carry your baby as close to your body with as few items of clothing between the two of you as possible. This is the only way you can provide sufficient warmth for your child.

  • This means the baby should be under your coat.
  • If you don’t have a winter coat big enough to fit both of you, you need to wrap the baby up as warmly as if she were in the pram; then you can tie the wrap over your coat. The baby then has to keep itself warm and will only feel a little of your warmth though your coat.
  • Check regularly to make sure your baby’s feet are warm. This is where you can tell if your child is too cold.
  • Do not be deceived by your own temperature; you are moving, but your baby is still and will therefore freeze more easily.
  • Coldness has a soporific effect. This means that babies who are too cold will not complain, in fact they will be very quiet and seem absolutely fine.





Designed to provide your baby with an extra layer of protection against the cold, wind and rain, the BabyDos fits over the baby wrap, the DidySling, the Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) or any other baby carrier and it is a perfect alternative to a babywearing jacket or coat.

It is made from boiled organic wool and is available in two sizes and various colourways.

For more information please click here







The parent-child coat is an elegant solution

Parent-Child Coat

Ideal for both mum and dad, and great for carrying a child on either your front or your back; this coat will kit out the entire family for cold and windy days.
It is made of high-quality microfibre and looks great even without a baby!

The baby insert can be removed and the coat worn without it.











Fulled gilet over a wrap

You’ll get a lot of wear out of this elegant gilet made from fulled new wool. It even looks great without a baby! Made from the finest material, every item is unique and is sewn by hand.


  • Fits over the wrap or baby carrier
  • Insert for front or rear carrying
  • An elegant item of clothing even without a baby
  • Made from pure, natural fibres
  • Very soft and stretchy
  • Warm and wind-proof
    Integrated scarf collar
  • Adjustable drawstring to prevent draughts from below



Well-thought out details



Manufacture and material

  • We source our fulled wool from a little knitting mill in the Swabian Alps.
  • The wool is from organically certified sheep.
  • The pocket linings are made from wrap material in the ‘Ellipses black-ecru’ pattern. Alternative pocket linings in any other DIDYMOS pattern are available on request.
  • The gilet was created by a Ludwigsburg-based designer and they are sewn in her studio.
  • Gilets are made to order meaning that delivery time can take up to two weeks.

Of course you can find carrying gilets, jackets and coats here in our shop. Have a look around and be prepared, whatever the weather is like.


Protect your little sunshine from too much sun

Delicate baby skin does not like being smeared with a thick layer of sun block. A shady spot and some simple sun cream are usually much better.

Sun-protection you can find here.