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Baby Carriers



Apart from traditional baby wraps, there is a wide variety of carrying devices that have been in use for centuries. Versatile and popular, these baby carriers usually consist of two shoulder straps, a piece of cloth to hold the baby and a waist belt that holds and distributes baby‘s weight.

There are many different types of carriers such as the so called Wrap Cons (Wrap Conversions), Half Buckles (with a waist belt secured with a clip buckle) or Full Buckles (with shoulder straps and waist belt secured with clip buckles).

In 2005, we started to develop our DIDYMOS baby carriers line so that, over the years, we have step by step added additional styles of carriers to our catalogue.


category_klickGrab your DidyKlick and you’re good to go

The ready-to-use carrier with a convenient waist belt and clip-buckle >> more



category_taiThe one-size carrier: Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai)

Handy one-size carrier for adventurers big and small >> more



DidySnap: A soft-structured Baby Carrier

A full buckle baby carrier with two fastening systems to ensure your child is held and fully supported in the anatomically optimal position. >> more



category_didy-goThe quick back carrier: Didy Onbuhimo

The Onbuhimo without a waistbelt. Made for children who can sit unassisted. >> more



Baby Carrier Comparison

Not quite sure which carrier is the right one for you?

We have compared the different options in a chart.

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