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Stay Flexible and Mobile

“I’ve been carrying my daughter around every day since she was three days old. This way, we can go shopping, do the household chores and even have a relaxing coffee now and again. She’s eight weeks old now and noticing more things all the time. She already watches me closely as I go about my activities and has excellent head control.”

Didy News from Katharina




Completely free of the restrictions of a stroller, the sling allows you to take your little one up stairs, in small elevators, and on crowded buses and trains. With your hands free, you can move around easily, go shopping, or meet your friends. And what about your child? She can look around, sleep, or laugh in the sling, taking part in your everyday life and enjoying being at the heart of the action without being overwhelmed by it all. That’s because, if it gets too much, she can turn away from the outside world and towards you. Children learn by mirroring, and so they can turn to you at any time for the reassurance they need in new situations.

Does your child have brothers and sisters? Slings give you so much flexibility that you can sometimes even carry two children at once.