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Closeness creates a Bond

“DIDYMOS baby slings […] are a symbol of love, security and bonding between mother and child. […] With our little ones in the sling, we can be in town, at a football tournament, […] on a walk or just at home, and no-one misses out. All the children feel loved and acknowledged.”

Didy news from Maria



Closeness and security are good for you. Close physical contact with a trusted person is especially beneficial to newborns. By carrying your child close to your body, you help to strengthen the deep child-parent bond – the most basic form of trust. This lets your baby know that she is always safe.


It’s much easier to pick up on your baby’s needs and respond directly when carrying
her in a sling rather than a bassinet or stroller. And the physical closeness of babywearing helps fathers, who experience pregnancy more as observers, to develop a closer emotional bond with their offspring. Perfect bonding!