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Dear parents,

A book about mothers around the world, a piece of cloth from South America, and four small children – that’s where it all began for DIDYMOS in 1972. We’re delighted that the tradition of babywearing has since re-established itself and a growing number of parents are keeping their children close to their hearts with DIDYMOS slings.


The responses we’ve received from parents and guardians show that they’re also excited about having their children particularly close to them. That’s because, in a DIDYMOS sling or baby carrier, your baby has a safe place from day one – snuggled up to you! And even when your little one has grown into a toddler, the sling will still serve for some time as a good place from which to explore the world.


As daughters of DIDYMOS founder Erika Hoffmann and mothers ourselves, we’re also only too well aware that children turn your world upside down time and again! It’s exciting, beautiful, and exhausting – and often all those things at once. Our slings and baby carriers provide you and your family with support and flexibility in many of these moments as you journey together through the surprises and challenges of daily life.


We offer you useful tips and aids in the DIDYMOS Magazine. In it, you’ll find all you need to know about carrying your children from birth up to toddler. As well as providing background information, the magazine gets straight down to practicalities, for example, with tutorials on the different ways to carry your child. It also takes you behind the scenes at DIDYMOS, where you’ll learn more about regional and fair production and the organic fabrics used in all of our DIDYMOS baby carriers.


Do you have any further questions? Then please don’t hesitate to write to us or give us a call. With decades of experience, we’re sure to be able to help you.


We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoying reading our magazine and using our carriers!

Best regards,

Tina & Anna Hoffmann