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Twisted Lisca emerald

Rebecca of The Wrapping Years tested our Wrap Twisted Lisca emerald

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The Looks: 

Didymos’s Emerald colourway is a rich, jewel-tone combination of teal and blue. As you can see from the photos, it’s radiant on even the dullest, foggiest English afternoon. Oh, and if like me you’re lucky enough to have a little red-head in the family this colourway looks amazing on them!


Didymos’s standard Lisca design is an all-time classic. The traditional herringbone pattern is easy to wear and versatile, and looks great with anything from muddy jeans to evening dresses (for those of you lucky enough to still get evenings out!). Their new Twisted Lisca is an exciting variation on this timeless pattern. It’s such a delicate design and finer that I’d anticipated. Just like the standard Lisca, it goes with everything, is fully reversible and has no pattern placement issues. Twisted Lisca evokes images of feathers, fish tails & fine grass blowing in the wind. In the Emerald colourway particularly it reminds me of the edges of peacock feathers. The flowing, more natural-looking lines in the weave make ‘Twisted’ an even prettier, more feminine, Lisca.

You sometimes find that it’s the simplest designs that look best wrapped, and this is definitely the case with Twisted Lisca.


Wrapping Qualities

Twisted Lisca Emerald is very soft and floppy from the outset. In hand, it feels fairly light and quite thin, with no bulkiness whatsoever.  It has excellent inherent diagonal stretch and is extremely mouldable, to the point that it virtually wraps itself! Its rails are visibly different, making it easy to avoid getting in a tangle! These qualities make it absolutely ideal for new wrappers and newborn or smaller babies.


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