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Emma of Adventure Woven In tested our Baby Wrap Sling Tranquility


“I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this wrap, as thick wraps are not normally my preference. However, I am really, really enjoying it. It’s wonderfully supportive, and the combination of the weave and the thickness of the linen gives it a lovely feeling on the shoulders.

From the texture I was expecting it to be really grippy, but actually I have found it to have a nice amount of glide. My standard test for grippiness is the second pass of a Double Hammock, which has been no problem with the tester! It was very rough to begin with, and fairly stiff/crunchy. However, it’s already softened up a lot and I can feel it will get even softer. It’s also become much more floppy and is becoming very nice to handle and work with. It’s strong and sturdy and feels like it can cope with whatever I throw at it!

I haven’t noticed any thread shifting – I wonder if this is perhaps more of an issue when the wrap is fully broken in? However, I have definitely used wraps which are noticeably shifty and I don’t see the tester as having a problem. One thing worth noting is that the linen is very fluffy and seems prone to pilling. Because of this, the wrap lost a lot of its shine in its initial wash and dry (I tumble dried on low until just damp, then ironed to dry). A large amount of fluff was left in both machines and pilling was everywhere on the wrap, and it was shedding little bits of fluff everywhere for a few days! As it’s become more broken in the pilling has subsided fairly well, and some of the shine has come back. I don’t see the pilling/fluff as a problem, but again it is something to be aware of.

The weave/pattern is really interesting. On the whole, I like it. At times it looks a little like snakeskin (which is not quite my taste), but at other times it reminds me of water ripples. My husband Rob says it reminds him of tree trunks, with knots in the wood! The pattern is very organic and I like the movement in it, and I think it works well when wrapped. I love the colourway – I think it’s stunning.”

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