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Prima Sole Occidente

Maria of Juno und Gefährtin tested our Baby Wrap Sling Prima Sole Occidente



“I fell in love with the beautiful Baby Wrap Sling Prima Sole Occidente at first sight. The combination of the colour gradient in dark blue, violet, turquoise and pink with the lovely pattern is amazing. Incidentally, it is exactly the same pattern which adorned our family Baby wrap Sling in the early 80s. The wrap is made of 100% Organic Cotton and has a surface weight of 180 g/m², which is relatively thin and light, but nevertheless tear-proof and resistant and also suitable for heavier children. […]

The most important point, the application and wearing test finally fully convinced us. The wrap is very easy to tie, the middle marker facilitates orientation. It is tear-proof and resistant, yet soft with optimal diagonal elasticity. It can be firmly tied and moulds itself perfectly to the body. We have tied the wrap cross carry, the rucksack carry and hip carry, all of them without a hitch. You will find many other tying methods in the detailed DIDYMOS tying instructions which are enclosed in all Baby Wrap Slings.” [Translation from the German Text]