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Zyanya of Adapting to Love tested our Wrap Sling PinkyMingo



“Pinkymingo is such a fun and adorable wrap! My toddler loved it, I think the brightness of the pink really excited him (and me!). We used a base-2 size to go for a walk on a very hot summer day to a local swimming hole. He was up on my back in a semi-double hammock while I was walking the dog. The pure, organic cotton meant that we were not too warm. It it was wonderfully strong and supportive, and the jacquard weave makes it so easy to wrap with and very comfortable. It tightened quickly and easily and formed nicely around our bodies. I carried only some water, my phone, and a single fresh diaper in my waist-pack. I climbed down the trail from the road to the waterfall with Rem on my back. Rem undressed at the water’s edge and had a refreshing dip. I then wrapped him up in the wrap as a towel. Once he was dry and done playing he went back up on my back and we headed home for a nap.

I love that we can get around so simply with babywearing and no place is out of bounds for us. And wraps like Pinkymingo mean I can maintain my individual style and comfort, and they have multiple uses, like a towel on the go!”

Adapting to love