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Metro Tussah

Elin and Close Enough To Kiss tested our Baby Wrap Sling Metro Tussah


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Elin’s review of our wrap:

“Oh, Metro Tussah. The next one from Didymos. This is a special wrap indeed. I have to be honest and say that I was first and foremost curious because of the looks (really cool) – but also of course because of the tussah. It has 70% cotton and 30% tussah, and has a gsm of terrifying 190. Metro has a geometric pattern and the colors are black and white (or it says white on the website, but I would call it a silvery grey). One side is lighter and the other is darker. […] First impression was that it is so thin! And also very smooth, even in loom. It feels airy and silky. The weave feels flat. Metro is a really cool wrap that has an urban elegant feeling to it. […]”


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Close Enough to Kiss says:

“[…] I used this wrap on a petite 19-month-old, weighing roughly 21lbs. She was very happy in the wrap, and has the tendency to get hot quickly when wearing, but in this wrap she was very content for extended periods of times when out walking. She even has a short nap, which is the ultimate of compliment from a sling sleep refuser.

On touch the wrap is soft and floppy, and the silk gives it a lustre that’s almost silver. Despite being silk it doesn’t crease as you would expect thanks to the cotton, and knots remain small once tied. With the gsm being lower the wrap could become diggy so, for a heavier child it’s worth making sure the shoulders are sandwiched or spread well. Despite this it’s a seriously sturdy wrap with a diagonal give that allows the wrap to move with both the child and wearer. Another benefit is the tight weave, the chances of getting a pull in the wrap is minimal, so it could well become a real workhorse even with its LE status.

Whilst wearing the wrap I got many comments on how stunning it was, even from those who had no interest in babywearing, so it’s definitely a head-turner. At £130 for a size 6, this wrap is by no means High End expensive, but has the look of one owing to the classiness of the pattern and colour. […]”

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