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Zyanya of Adapting to Love tested our Baby Wrap Sling Lisa



“The Lisa is one of those classic wraps that can easily be your one-and-only. I always recommend pure-cotton wraps for families new to wrapping because they are easy care and easy to use. Didymos has also kept this wrap in a very reasonable price range, even though it is 100% organic cotton. The wrap breaks in quickly after a wash and use and quickly softens. The medium weight of this wrap means that it is easy to use for newborns but also plenty strong and substantial for toddlers. I wore both my toddler and my friend’s baby in a front wrap cross carry and was very comfortable. The simple weave is dense so it prevents digging, it wraps flat and comfortably.

What I love most about this wrap are the color stripes. Wraps with different colors running down the length of the wrap make learning to wrap and learning to tighten much easier. I always teach with wraps like Lisa because people can see how I am adjusting the different parts of the wrap. Also, Lisa’s coloring is elegant and hip, easy to wear with jeans or a fun dress, adding a pop of color to, but matching anything you wear.”

Adapting to love