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Jersey Doubleface Silk Harvest

Stefanie and Irina from Baby Carrying Consultancy Nesthäkchen have tested our Jersey Wrap Sling Doubleface Silk Harvest


“[…] the material fits snugly to the body and the 10% silk makes the sling effortless to tie. Three-layer wrapping techniques such as the classic front wrap cross carry, which you see in the pictures, are suitable for beginners. Those who are experienced back-carriers can give a double hammock back carry a go. Tightening the rails is easy-peasy. We have experimented a bit using some of the common tying techniques in our consultations and must say that the double cross carry, also known as the front cross carry, with its two layers was very comfortable right away! This is why we show this carry technique in our photos. You don’t always have to have three layers with this particular Jersey wrap. […]

Conclusion: We are pleased to say that the wrap offers beginners security and invites advanced babywearers to experiment! A true all-rounder which we are happy to recommend to our parents.
The knitted fabric has a very high-quality feel to it. We have thoroughly tested the wrap and are happy to say: The material does not warp at all and stays in perfect condition. Wonderful! The golden yellow side consists of 100% organic cotton and the natural white side has  a small proportion of 10 % silk. The material is easy to manipulate and offers good support. Fantastic. The wrap stretches both lengthwise and crosswise while the width yields comparatively little. This kind of stretch is an important quality as the material should be snug around baby and supportive as well. There are two colours available in the shop currently. We have chosen Harvest. A powerful, golden colour which makes us think of summer. […]”
[Translation from the german text]

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