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Flower of Life Amethyst

Eszter won our Wrap Sling Flower of Life Amethyst in a DIDYMOS Prize Competition



Dear Didymos Team!

It has been a few months now since I have won at your prize competition and chosen a wonderful wrap. I have noticed that there is no review to this wrap: Flower of Life Amethyst (50% bio cotton, 50% hemp) so please find mine below so that perhaps you can use it.

I have chosen this wrap because I very much wished to try a hemp blend and my baby was already 1 year old, therefore I wanted something toddler worthy.

It came in a very neat package, Didymos’s own box with a leaflet containing some interesting articles. The whole of the presentation is very pretty. The hemming of the wrap is perfectly done, it is narrow and even.

I very much like the simple, elegant pattern and the beautiful, intense colour. It looks good no matter how it is worn. The reverse side is also beautiful, it is also something I really appreciate in a wrap.

It arrived in loom state, very shiny and spectacular but so stiff I was puzzled how it will be suitable for wrapping a baby. But do not be discouraged, this changes right after the first washing and steam ironing session. For a bigger baby it can be used from the start but I would recommend it for smaller babies only after broken in. It can be used easily for various carries – I could make a wonderful DH with it when it was new – even though I was not very experienced with it – but the wrapping qualities improve with every use. The layers slide well on each other during tying and the carry stays in place for a long-long time. With my 18 month old it is not even necessary to use a multilayered carry, it holds her 10-11 kgs very easily in a rucksack. I only make a DH as it looks pretty and to stay in practice. This wrap is sooo incredibly strong, the strongest I have had so far.
I also like linen blends due to their strength but after some use I can feel the difference, this hemp blend became softer and cushier.

As for the material, it feels heavier than one would expect from the pre-wash 250 gsm. Its structure is quite dense and I guess therefore not prone to damage. The purple biocotton thread is very soft from the start and the silvery hemp thread becomes more and more mouldable with use.

It is really a durable wrap, it worths a little breaking-in in the beginning. My bigger daughter would like to inherit it and I think there is good chance that it will still be great for babywrapping when her time comes. Also because it is very strong, comfortable and easycare, it is very good for an everyday, one and only wrap. At the same time it is very pleasing aesthetically. It became one of our few absolute favourites.

Best regards,