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DidyTai Metro Marsala

Katrine of Slyngefys tested our DidyTai Metro Marsala




“This Didytai Marsala is 100% cotton and machine-washable, which is quite practical. It is soft from the beginning and will probably get even softer with more use. The geometrical pattern is interesting labyrinth-like and a nice change for me – my other wraps have more organic patterns. It is woven in two colors and it is easy to tell front from back, this helps you figure out if you have twisted the straps while tying the Didytai. You can adjust the width of the seat/bottom of the panel with a draw-string – very simple and well-working – so it will fit from approximately 3 kgs. There is also strings at the top of the panel which helps you adjust the height of the panel and the head-support. There is extra head-cover/headsupport for the smaller babys. […]

I think the Didytai is a very good carrying option for both newborns and toddlers, especially if you don´t want to use a wrap. It is easy to use, and it is ergonomic for both baby and mother/father. […]”

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