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DidyKlick Prima Aurora

Rebecca of The Wrapping Years tested our DidyKlick Prima Aurora




“[…] Of course, the fact that it [the DidyKlick]’s made from gorgeous Didymos wrap fabric was an auspicious start! There’s a range of DidyKlick’s available so you can choose the one that appeals to you most. The qualities of the fabric are just as much present in the DidyKlick as they are in wrap form. In the case of the lovely Prima Aurora, you have wonderful soft, floppy, breathable, mouldable fabric with an intricate design that provides a fine, grippy texture. The colours on the 100% pure organic cotton weft fade from aqua through hot pink, taupe and charcoal grey against a natural white warp. The effect is quite beautiful and ideal for warmer weather and summer outings. […]

I’m seriously impressed and rather in love with the DidyKlick! It’s an extremely comfortable and well designed carrier that combines the ease and security of a structured, buckle fastened waist with the comfort, versatility and beauty of wide wrap fabric straps. Perfect from newborn to toddlerhood, it’s a fantastic option for new and ‘battle-hardened’ parents alike.”

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