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DidyKlick Ocean

Sara of Parental Guidance tested our DidyKlick Ocean



“The DidyKlick is a half buckle carrier, meaning that there is a buckled waist strap with a structured body panel, and wrap straps. It is the perfect meld between a soft structured carrier (ssc) and a Mei Dai. I love the versatility of being able to wear it in a front, hip, or back carry, and I can wrap the straps in so many ways to find what is most comfortable for my body.


So, how does it feel to wear? The waist band is extremely comfortable, with enough padding so that it never digs in, but not so much that it feels bulky. The band is easily adjustable, with a large buckle and an elastic safety band. The leg straps are also nicely padded for my daughter. I love how wide the wrap straps are, allowing me to spread them over my back or chest to distribute the weight evenly.


The attention to detail and all the ways to customize size has made the DidyKlick one of my favorite, and certainly one of the most versatile, carriers I have ever tried. I have always loved ssc for quick and easy ups, but find they aren’t very supportive on my back. On the other hand, I love woven wraps for their support, but they aren’t always the easiest option when out and about. The DidyKlick blends the ease of a buckle carrier with the support of a woven into a phenomenal baby carrier that I would recommend in a heartbeat.”