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DidyKlick Chili

Rebecca of The Wrapping Years and Anthropocentric Reviews tested our DidyKlick Chili




Rebecca’s Review

“[…] Of course, the fact that it’s made from gorgeous Didymos wrap fabric was an auspicious start! There’s a range of DidyKlick’s available so you can choose the one that appeals to you most. The qualities of the fabric are just as much present in the DidyKlick as they are in wrap form. In the case of Chili, vibrant chilli red and white threads alternate in a plain criss-cross weave creating a sturdy, fine textured fabric. There’s a depth of colour that’s tricky to capture but at a distance the colours merge to create an attractive salmon pink.[…]

The DidyKlick has wide, fabric straps that spread the weight across your shoulders and, in conjunction with the support of the structured waist, make for an extremely comfortable carry. I experienced none of the pulling or digging I often get over time with a full buckle carrier’s straps and the wide fabric DidyKlick straps can be tied off pretty much however you want. Fancy wrap-style finishes are easy, look awesome and avoid the less than flattering look that full buckle carriers can give, when back carrying, to ladies like myself blessed with ample frontage! […]

I’m seriously impressed and rather in love with the DidyKlick! It’s an extremely comfortable and well designed carrier that combines the ease and security of a structured, buckle fastened waist with the comfort, versatility and beauty of wide wrap fabric straps.[…]”

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Anthropocentric Reviews about our DidyKlick Chili

“[…] Structurally, the DidyKlick is a mid-way point between a woven wrap and buckle carrier. In our eyes, this means that wearers experience the best features of both carrier-types. On the one hand, the DidyKlick is quicker and easier to wear than a simple woven wrap, yet it offers the flexibility which soft structured carriers sometimes lack. Sizing the DidyKlick between caregivers, for instance, is as easy as sliding one buckle (compared to at least 5 buckles on soft structured carriers) since the rest of the fabric is wrapped around the wearer as with a normal woven wrap.

The DidyKlick is also among the most comfortable carriers we’ve worn. Baby feels like an extension to your body, without causing any strain on your back.  My wife even compared it to being pregnant again! […]”