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Didy Onbuhimo Chili

Zyanya of Adapting to Love tested our Didy Onbuhimo Chili



“This was our first onbuhimo and we were excited to try it out. I’ve tried onbuhimos before but only for a few minutes at a time and never had one at home to use as our own. Straight out of the box the carrier was soft and ready to be used. Just as it looks, it is quick and easy to put on with nearly no learning curve so long as you are already familiar with getting a baby or toddler on your back. And even if you have not done back carries before, you will quickly figure out how to lift your child onto your back in the onbuhimo because it is really quite intuitive. My husband needed me to show him how to seat our son on it and put his legs through the loops, but then he picked him up and got him on his back without any further assistance.

The most important tip with an onbuhimo is that the child must be as high on your back as possible, with shoulders of wearer and wearee close to level with each other. Because there is no waist band all of the child’s weight is carried on your shoulders. By having the child high and snug up against you, you are able to reduce the downward pull that would make the carrier uncomfortable. My husband and I both agreed that with our toddler high on our back the carrier was comfortable. We each wore him one way on a 30-minute walk the other night. It was warm out and it was nice to have such a minimal carrier. When we got to the park it was easy to put him down to run around, easy to get him back up quickly to continue our walk, and, what I found most notable, so simple to carry such a small, light, compact carrier around while he played. My husband put his arms through the shoulder straps and wore it like an empty backpack while our son played and we walked.

I am quite happy to have an onbuhimo now that we can throw in a bag for an outing. I also plan to test it on an upcoming flight to see if it is just what I need to create a “wrapped” feeling in a front carry to put my son to sleep on the plane and then easily lay him down across our laps. It would be so nice to not have a waist band while sitting in those seats. The small, light, compact nature of this carrier makes it ideal for travel.

I’m looking forward to future versions of the Didymos onbuhimo to see how the design evolves.”

Adapting to love