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Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Waves silver

Elizabeth of “Where roots and Wings entwine” tested our Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Waves silver

Didymos DidyTai Front 14  Didymos DidyTai Back 8


When I first saw the meh-dai in person I was delighted at how beautiful it is. Whilst it could be considered a simple design in comparison to some other patterns that Didymos produce, waves silver is simply stunning. The shades of grey waves compliment each other exquisitely and seem to shimmer with a silver hue. Waves is a subtle design that is breathtakingly beautiful thanks to the soft waves which give the carrier an air of style, elegance and luxury.


Straight out of the box the fabric felt luxurious and of incredible quality. The design and stitching of the carrier is superior and made to the highest quality which showcases that Didymos are experts in weaving wrap fabric and creating meh-dai’s. The fabric is buttery soft, floppy and a pleasure to wear.


With Jelly Bean being at the high end of the carrier’s suggested age range I was keen to see how it handle his weight and size, and how it would feel to carry him. Having used the carrier numerous times in both front and back position for quick and long carry’s I have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and supportive it is. […]

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Didymos DidyTai Front 3