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Crepelino Rosso

Zyanya of Adapting to Love tested our Wrap Sling Crepelino Rosso

DIDYMOS Crepelino rosso


“I have been looking forward to trying out a pure linen wrap from Didymos. Curious about the breaking in process and the comfort of pure linen, I expected to have to give the wrap some significant time to show its best qualities. Straight out of the box, PL Rosso felt crinkly and papery and rough. As with many wraps in loomstate, it did not feel like something I wanted to wrap with, this one perhaps even more so. I eagerly threw it in the wash on warm with a gentle liquid detergent and put it through a medium heat dryer cycle. Coming out of the dryer, it was already an entirely different wrap! I was surprised how quickly it had softened up and that the papery feeling was gone. It was already floppy and loose. I did a quick steam iron and got my toddler on my back for a walk with the dog.

This wrap definitely has confirmed what I’ve been coming to realize lately about myself: I really prefer wrapping with thin wraps. I prefer the ease of tightening and tying a thin wrap; I prefer the neatness I can better achieve with a thinner wrap.  But when carrying my 10kg toddler I often use medium or heavy weight wraps so that I avoid the wrap digging and becoming uncomfortable. I am so pleasantly surprised that although this wrap is certainly thin and lightweight, the incredible strength of the linen means the wrap holds and does not sag or dig.  With a little careful tightening I am very comfortable for long walks.

What’s more, I’ve never thought that the fiber content really made that much of a difference to the warmth you experience when wearing your child. After all, it is two bodies pressed together, and that is going to be warm. But while wearing my son on a warm sunny day here in Seattle, I realized I definitely noticed a difference when using this pure linen wrap. It was breezy and without any insulating effect for our shared body heat. Our heat was there, but it was not being added to by the fabric wrapped around us.

After using PL Rosso several times it has continued to soften up, and I know it will only get better with time. The weave provides a light texture and grip and a neutral pattern and colorway. My husband shared that he really likes the simplicity of this wrap and enjoyed wearing it on an evening family walk to ice cream. He also picked up on its subtle shine when you make the fabric move, a natural property of linen.

The lightness and thinness of this wrap makes it a natural for wearing newborn babies and for people new to babywearing.  The strength of the linen means it continues to hold up to the weight of toddlers. And the thinness and properties of linen make it the ideal warm-weather wrap.  I am considering that when someone asks me to recommend a wrap that could be their one-and-only from newborn onwards I will begin suggesting 100% linen wraps. Don’t be turned off by its loomstate feel, this wrap is quickly breaking in to be incredibly versatile. I look forward to Didymos continuing to release pure linen wraps in new patterns and colorways.”

Adapting to love


DIDYMOS Crepelino rosso