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Ada Ocean Silk

Melissa of Wear-a-Bye Baby tested our Wrap Ada Ocean Silk

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I fall in and out of love quickly with a lot of wraps. Even after wearing well over 100 different textiles, I still find new love all the time. These affairs often fade and slowly the wrap gets lost towards the bottom of my shelf.

This will not be Ada Ocean Silk’s fate. This wrap is magical and could easily be a person’s only wrap. It came unwashed from Didymos to test at a surface weight of 211 gsm, but with a gentle wash and a few wears it is puffed right up to 237 gsm.


The new Ada weave has a fair amount of texture to it, but what that provides in Ada Ocean Silk must be secret little air cushions throughout the wrap adding support and cush where it otherwise shouldn’t be. As compared to the cotton releases of the first Ada and Ada Pink Tourmaline, it is fairly flat and a touch softer.


However, I wore my 15 kilo toddler on my back in a double hammock for two hours and was only just starting to feel it at the end when he was goofing around. And the ultimate test, when I tandem wear both him and his sister, with her on front in a short wrap, I haven’t been more comfortable. There is no extra bulk on this wrap but it outperforms others by leaps and bounds.

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