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Ada nature HS

Emma and Elin tested our Wrap Ada nature HS

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Emma of Adventure Woven In says:

“Natties! Ah, possibly one of the most divisive colourways in the babywearing world. Some love them, some are terrified of them. I used to fall in the latter camp (the mud! The tomato sauce! The horror!) but having taking the plunge with a Natural Silk Prima, I have happily decamped to join the natty lovers. I adore the subtle elegance, the effortless goes-with-all-outfits style (and it turns out they’re not the stain attracting nightmares I envisaged).


Ada Nature embodies many of the qualities I love most about natties. The light cream colour is warm and flattering. The weave brings wonderful texture and elegant detail. And it has such wonderful, beautiful lustre. Natur really glows in sunlight – particularly in the late afternoon sun, when it seems to reflect the golden rose tones of the sky.


This is a new blend for Didymos, and I have to say I think it’s very successful. It’s not a high silk content, but is nevertheless enough to add an extra softness and sheen to the initially coarse hemp. It helps Ada Natur to feel more luxurious even in loom state. I find hemp can be quite variable in quality, but I love this hemp – the yarn is consistent in width with very, very few nubs. The hemp also complements the silk really well; they are similar in tone and both have wonderful lustre. […]”
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Elin of World of Wovens says about our Ada nature HS:

“[…] Sooooo, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, yes? How does it wrap. Well, it wraps great – thanks for asking. Okay, so I started with a pirate carry. It has, even after the first wash, some texture due to the pattern which gives it a great amount of grip (and I mean great as in good, not as in looooads) and it’s still slippery enough to get tight in a multilayer carry without any real struggle. I think it’s the fine pattern that does the trick. I can easily carry with a single knot and it doesn’t move. It has a good amount of stretch and recoil but not so that it bounces too much. Ada feels relatively thin but it’s still strong – I didn’t see any need to do multilayer in terms of support. It’s easy to work with this wrap, you don’t get a lot of slack and it stays in place. No need to retighten the wrap job.[…]”

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