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Ada extra wide

Rachel and Emma have tested our Wrap Ada extra wide


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Rachel’s Review

Wow …. It has been a week now since the DIDYMOS Baby Wrap has arrived and I am still over the moon.

I have neglected my other wraps all week because this one is a total allrounder.

Now from the very beginning: I received a DIDYMOS Baby Wrap in size 6 – extra wide – in order to test it under everyday conditions. It is an easy-care 100 % cotton  baby wrap . I am a full-time babywearing mom and babywearing consultant with my little one (the youngest of five). I couldn’t wait to open the parcel, not knowing what to expect, the postman is like Santa Claus here. I was blown away by the design! Stylish, unpretentious, timeless.Unboxed the beauty: it feels comparatively light yet grippy enough.

I tried out the Double Hammock with my little one right away. The wrap ties effortlessly, tightening is easy and the wrap is a perfect fit. I carry over my jacket at the moment, the little one is bundled up warm in a boiled wool suit and wrapping went off without a hitch. I did not even have to rewrap after 3 hours out and about.

I tested the wrap cross carry , the simple rucksack carry and the double cross carry. The wrap is suited for all tying methods. The additional width is something you might have to get used to, it feels like a lot of material at first, but it was great especially for my big son.

In summary it can be said that the wrap can be highly recommended for beginners as well as advanced wrappers. A wrap which has definitely found a home here and which will be put to use in my consultations.
[Translation from the German text]


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Emma of Adventure Woven In writes about Ada extra wide


“[ …] I have also had the chance to wrap my 3 year old on my back, and wrap my 6 month old for several hours. I was pleased to find Ada very comfortable on both occasions. It was also less grippy than I expected when wrapping a Double Hammock carry, which I was pleased about. It has a good amount of grip, in my opinion. For wrapping qualities I think Ada is superb!

So far, I have to say I’m loving it. I was surprised by how much it fluffed up after a wash and dry, and astonished when I first wrapped with it – it feels like it contains hundreds of little air pockets. This makes it so comfortable to wear! Because of this puffiness it’s more supportive than I expected (it handled my 3 year old on my front amazingly well). It also has a slightly larger knot than I expected. I love that it is thin and mouldable – this makes it easy to work with and to achieve exact carries.

I can’t quite make up my mind how I feel about the design. I love all the intricate detailing, the geometric style [….] However, at times it feels a little ‘busy’. This is a personal preference; I suspect you will get people who love all the detail, and others who feel it’s too busy. If you release ( and I hope you do!), I would suggest considering a release of a low-contrast colourway in addition to this colourway, which may minimise the ‘busy’ feel of the pattern.


The extra width of the wrap (80 cm) is nice when wrapping my 3 year old, but at times a little awkward when wrapping my 6 month old. Because the wrap is fairly thin I don’t feel it adds a lot of extra bulk, but I do find myself adjusting the spread of fabric on my 6 month old to ensure that his weight is evenly distributed along the width of the wrap. I don’t know if this is a possibility, but a width of 72 – 75cm would probably be a good compromise between the standard and extra wide widths […..]

I would say that this has a lot of the qualities wrappers value […..] So it’s a great wrap!