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Tested by Didy Parents

We regularly ask our DIDYMOS Community, including on Facebook, to put our slings to the test. You can find the resulting reports from babywearing parents around the world here:



Jersey Doubleface Wool/Cotton

“[…] Conclusion: We are pleased to say that the wrap offers beginners security and invites advanced baby wearers to experiment! A true allrounder which we are happy to recommend to our parents.”

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“The Lisa is one of those classic wraps that can easily be your one-and-only. […] The wrap breaks in quickly after a wash and use and quickly softens. The medium weight of this wrap means that it is easy to use for newborns but also plenty strong and substantial for toddlers. […] What I love most about this wrap are the color stripes. Wraps with different colors running down the length of the wrap make learning to wrap and learning to tighten much easier.”

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Lisca azzurro

“My love for the Lisca pattern started after seeing an actionpicture of this wrap, Azzurro is the most amazing (cornflower) blue, combined with turquoise and petrol which make the colour deeper, more lively and it really accentuates the pattern.

This wrap is the softest wrap I’ve ever felt brand new. […]”

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Lisca Raspberry

“I can only recommend the DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Lisca . The whole process of wrapping my daughter somehow is a small declaration of love, over and over again. Wrapping her is a sensation like an ever patient, loving embrace. Our time for babywearing is by no means over yet and I cannot imagine that the wrap will disappoint. It is a perfect allrounder. […]”

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Lisca Minos

“I’m a longtime fan of Didymos’ lisca weave, but have only owned ‘thick’ versions (250+gsm), so I was excited to try a thinner lisca.

The colourway of is Minos really striking and grabs your attention immediately. From further away Minos appears a dark, saturated aubergine. However, close up it becomes apparent that there are 3 different colour threads – black, blue and pink. […]”

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Lisca smeraldo

“I had the opportunity to try a new addition to the Lisca collection, the model “Smeraldo”. A woven wrap of a vibrant green color, mixed with steel blue and anthracite gray. The result is a deep green and a pattern that flirts with your eyes.

I could not believe its softness, it doesn’t need to be breaked in, it is extremely soft and manageable right out of the box. The resulting knot is small, and very easy wrapping. […]”

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“One of the first companies whose wraps I got my hands on, all those years ago, was the German family run Didymos. They`ve been creating woven wraps for over 45 years now. And it all started with a mother with twins, Erika Hoffman, who re-invented the ancient art of babywearing for the needs of modern European market. […]”

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This Baby Wrap Sling is great for beginners. The yarn which was used to weave the wrap is made of 100% Organic Cotton.
The wrap is an absolute allrounder due to the surface weight of 240g/m². [..] I would like to add that the colours of this wrap are really sensational.

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Prima Sole Occidente

“The most important point, the application and wearing test finally fully convinced us. The wrap is very easy to tie, the middle marker facilitates orientation. It is tear-proof and resistant, yet soft with optimal diagonal elasticity. It can be firmly tied and moulds itself perfectly to the body. […]”

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Baby Wrap Sling Tragenetzwerk

“As to be expected of a wrap made for a cooperation of babywearing consultants like Tragenetzwerk, this cotton Jacquard Baby Wrap is characterized by a low surface weight (200 gr/m²) and an incredible softness. It is an excellent beginners wrap and very well suited for showing tying methods in a consultation as it ties effortlessly.”

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