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Swing Time!

didymos-tragetuch-schaukel-1-klSwing Time Fun for Your Baby

Direct skin contact is extremely important for children after birth. Confirmation from the parents that they are there is just as important for the babies as feeding and changing are – the missing contact provokes fear of abandonment in the child.

You therefore made the right decision by choosing a baby wrap to carry your baby in. But what happens to the wrap when the child is too heavy to be carried?

Our DIDYMagazine has a few ideas for you. Fly high and have some fun with a baby swing! It is quite easy to convert your wrap.




How to Turn Your Baby Wrap into a Baby Swing

When you can no longer use your wrap to carry your children, it does not mean you have to say good-bye to it. Your child will love swinging in a hammock or baby swing and you’ll be able to get on with other things. Double rings are very suitable for converting the baby wrap into a swing or a hammock. Simply hang or tie the ring somewhere, pull the fabric ends through the large ring, tie tightly and get into the swing!

Instead of buying a conventional baby swing, invest in a wrap that will adapt to all
your needs. During her/his early months, a baby will feel the warmth of her/his parents and can always remain close to them.
Once she/he becomes mobile or too heavy to carry, you can place her/him in the swing and have both hands free.


And if you hang it at the right height for yourself, you can also use it as a comfy reading swing for some blissful relaxation! Try out – if your children let you, that is!

You are probably wondering if your baby wrap can bear the weight of an adult. We can now answer any unresolved questions on this subject as we took our wraps to be tested at the Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering in Denkendorf, Germany until they ripped.


Do you have older children at home who like to sit in the baby swing? Would you like to use the wrap as a hammock? We tested how much weight a DIDYMOS baby wrap swing will bear. Find out more here.


With a double ring, you can convert your baby wrap into a baby swing or a hammock. Simply hang or tie the ring somewhere, pull the wrap through the large ring, tie it tightly and get into the swing! Find out more about the wrap-friendly way to hang a swing or hammock with two double rings.




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