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Turn your wrap into a baby hammock

didymos-haengematte-klA DIDYMOS wrap is very practical – and not only as a wrap. With some simple tricks, the wrap can be used in many other ways.


For example, you can turn your DIDYMOS wrap into a safe, reliable swing or a baby hammock.





The Cosy DIDYMOS Hammock

As you can see from our photos, a baby hammock is really comfortable. The best thing is, you can hang it up quite easily in many different places whenever you want.

Create a quiet relaxation zone for your baby or toddler in a noisy, rocking train. Or hang it in the garden – gentle swinging and fresh air will do your baby good and you’ll have fun to. The firm yet elastic fabric of our wraps creates a comfortable baby swing that you can take with you wherever you want. Like spring-suspended cribs, a baby wrap hammock gives your baby a feeling of warmth and secureness and the same gently swinging motion. As you’re likely to have the wrap with you most of the time anyway, you won’t need to take anything extra with you.


Create a safe hammock from a baby wrap.


Double ring

Tie your wrap according to our hammock instructions. It will hang trough-like with high sides so your baby cannot fall out. To create your hammock, fold your DIDYMOS wrap lengthways and tie the ends approx. 1.5 metres apart. This tying method for hammocks is extremely secure and stable, however never leave your child unattended. If the child does try to crawl out, the hammock will tip over. Make sure that you do not hang the wrap too slackly otherwise your baby will lie all bunched up and won’t be able to move.
All knots should be secured with double hitches. We recommend hanging hammocks with double rings. This prevents unnecessary wear to your wrap when it’s used as a hammock for long periods.






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