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45 Years DIDYMOS


Contribution from July 6, 2017

[Translation from the German text]

Happy Birthday DidymosDear Tina, dear Anna, dear Didymos-Team,
We would also like to join in and congratulate you on your 45th birthday!
Much has been going on. The world of Babywearing has changed in the last decades. The requirements and demands which a good Baby Wrap Sling has to fulfil have increased, the need for closeness of babies and parents worldwide has remained. DIDYMOS has always kept up with the times while managing to stay down-to-earth. Price and performance as well as the quality of customer care speak for themselves. Whenever we meet you online or „in real life“ ,it is always on an equal footing and down-to-earth.
We are happy to have your products on our shelves and are delighted when we can sell one of the lovely Moin wraps which was created in a great collaboration with DIDYMOS and with which especially Anke attaches special memories.

All the best for the next 45 years and beyond! Stay as authentic as you are and produce outstanding wraps which unite great design , quality and price and there is absolutely nothing for us to worry about!

Our heartfelt congratulations from Kiel ,
Anke & Kathleen (Familien(T)Räume)

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Contribution from June 13, 2017

hechte-band4 hechte-band3 hechte-band1

Included here are some pictures of my favourite and sooooo soft Lisca, that I was using in a workshop with midwives and maternity nurses. It is so beautiful and easy to wrap, I love it.

In the group picture it’s me at the complete right. And don’t you love the one where everybody is making angel wings?

All the best and good luck with your 45 years anniversary, I hope you will continue for many more years to come making your wonderful wraps!

Kind regards,


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Contribution from June 12, 2017

[Translation from the German text]

We discovered babywearing and the wonderful DIDYMOS baby wrap slings with our first child. It was love at first sight and we decided to offer this excellent quality coupled with the renown DIDYMOS service to Czech and later on also to Slovakian parents.
Our online-shop was established in 2005. The video shows how much we enjoy our work and how popular DIDYMOS baby wrap slings are with Czech parents.



We wish DIDYMOS lots of success for the next 45 years <3!

Daniela und Milan Šmolíkovi









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Contribution from May 31, 2017

1-250 2-250  3-250

[Translation from the German text]

We have had DIDYMOS in our product range for a very long time now, about 20 years. As the first contacts for a new-born child are its mother or father and in order to guarantee its healthy development we place great importance in supplying a good product. As DIDYMOS stands for quality which guarantees the ecological and social criteria which are indispensable for us and provides  a beautiful product on top we continue to be convinced of this product and are proud to represent the baby wraps in  Luxemburg …
Naturwelten’s contribution can be downloaded in full length as PDF here (in German).









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Contribution from May 25, 2017

[Translation from the German text]

We, Michelle Kasper and Saskia Heuskel from Natürlich Familie, are both carrying our children in DIDYMOS wraps. In our video, we are going to tell you how DIDYMOS conquered our hearts. Our onlineshop is specialized in organic and bonding-orientated products like baby wraps and baby carriers, cloth diapers and clothing made from organic cotton and many other products that help to promote sustainable living. In our shop you will get professional advice regarding cloth diapering and our four babywearing consultants from the Trageschule Hamburg are regularly holding workshops on baby wraps and carrying.

Warm regards,
Michelle Kasper & Saskia Heuskel


We love the video message Michelle Kasper and Saskia Heuskel sent us along with their greetings. It is in German but we think it is great to watch anyway. Thank you Michelle and Saskia!
















Contribution from May 23, 2017

purple-elm-babyPurple Elm Baby is a boutique babywearing store that has proudly sold baby carriers and accessories from some of the most dependable and respected brands in the industry since 2012. Located online with a showroom in Fairhope, Alabama, the store sells a range of woven wraps, ring slings, stretchy wraps, buckle carriers, and Meh Dai carriers plus a selection of unique children’s clothing and toys.

Purple Elm Baby began when founding owner Maggie Stickney moved from Brooklyn, NY to southern Alabama and realized that no one in the area was introducing parents to the many benefits of babywearing. As a mother with a background in fine arts, Maggie was drawn to the beautiful colors, patterns and textures of woven wraps. Didymos was a natural choice as one of the featured brands in her store because of the company’s long history of weaving beautiful, comfortable woven wraps with classical elegance that parents have depended upon for generations.

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Contribution from May 22, 2017

Team Banner


Birdie’s Room came to life in 1999. The goal then was to share natural baby products with other parents. We started with wooden rattles, cloth diapers, organic skincare for babies, and other baby essentials that met our developing standards of being healthy for both baby and the environment.

It was in 2003, after the birth of our twins that I made the decision to try a DIDYMOS. It was instant love, from the colours, to the comfort, to the organic cotton, to the amazing story behind the company. This was a product that I could stand behind and in 2006, Birdie’s Room placed its first order with Didymos in Germany. Several years later, we were presented with the exciting opportunity to distribute Didymos in the USA and Canada.

Woven wraps and babywearing in general were still in their relative infancy in North America but it was exciting to see the interest grow. We look forward to many more years of sharing the babywearing love through Didymos baby carriers, and for sharing our exciting product line which still meets our high standards of all-natural, non-toxic, ethically-manufactured, locally-made when possible, supporting family-run companies.

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KilendaHappy anniversary, love and all our best wishes for DIDYMOS from the kilenda team. is happy to offer the brand’s beautiful baby wraps as well as the practical DidyMeh-Dais.

It all started with a wrapping lesson held by babywearing consultant Saskia who highly recommended DIDYMOS to us and who since then has been on hand with help and advice.

Our customers can choose and try the wraps and DidyMeh-Dais at their convenience and so discover the world of babywearing. We love and have always been thrilled about the gorgeous designs and the great quality and we are happy to see our customers happy and satisfied as well.

We wish DIDYMOS all the best and lot of success for the future.

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Contribution from May 10, 2017

Didymos_HH_Eroeffnung_450[Translation from the German text]

MamaMotion specializes in babywearing. In our online shop ( as well as in the physical stores at Hannover ( and Hamburg ( we offer babywearing-related articles and we cannot imagine babywearing without DIDYMOS wraps and carriers.

We greatly appreciate DIDYMOS’ manufacturing wraps and carriers with love of detail. They offer gorgeous designs and weaves to cater for all tastes and needs. Each one of us has her personal favourite wrap and customers can find theirs as well.

The family run company has been manufacturing wraps since the 1970s. Their company’s story and their philosophy to exclusively use material of selected bio quality speak for themselves.










Contribution from May 4, 2017

zeroemissioni2 zeroemissioni3

[Translation from the Italian text]

We decided to introduce DIDYMOS into our program after having tried out other brands and after having speaking with our babywearing consultant from Portare i Piccoli.

In our little shop in Padua, customers can lend baby wraps to facilitate the choice of the correct wrap.
We organise an information event every first Monday of the month with our PIP consultant, Chiara Schiocchet. This enables expectant and young mothers to get acquainted with the wonderful world of babywearing. We also attend trade fairs and events.

We value DIDYMOS because of the large range of baby wraps offered (woven and elastic wraps, Ringslings and Mei-Tais), because of the different materials (cotton, hemp, linen and silk) and because of the convincing price quality ratio.


[original text]

Noi abbiamo scelto il vostro brand dopo aver provato altri marchi […], consigliate anche dall’istruttrice Portare i Piccoli con cui collaboriamo.

Nel nostro piccolo negozio in provincia di Padova offriamo la possibilità di noleggiare le fasce per una scelta più consapevole; organizziamo inoltre ogni primo lunedì del mese un incontro informativo sul portare i piccoli tenuto da Chiara Schiocchet ( per l’appunto la nostra istruttrice PIP) per far conoscere alle future o neo mamme questo bellissimo mondo del Babywearing. Partecipiamo inoltre a mercatini e fiere.

Didymos ci piace per la varietà della gamme di fasce proposte (elastica, ring, lunga, mei tai), per i tessuti ( cotone, canapa, lino, seta) e per il buon rapporto qualità/prezzo.


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Contribution from April 12, 2017


kokobelloDear DIDYMOS team,

we are so proud to be one of your retailers. We are also so very proud of our new bigger store in Södertälje, 40 km south of Stockholm City.
Attached to this e-mail you can find a photo of our store front.

Our new adress is

KoKoBello Barnbutik
Nygatan 4

Best Regards!






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Contribution from April 10, 2017


trageboutique[Translation from the German text]

Why do we have DIDYMOS in the assortment?

At DIDYMOS, we appreciate the long-standing, profound experience in the production of high-quality babywraps – coupled with the varied designs, from traditional-timeless to contemporary fashionable!

The positive feedback from our customers confirms again and again that DIDYMOS belongs to the Trageboutique range.
How did we discover that DIDYMOS was for us?

Each of our Trageboutique customers has learned to love DIDYMOS in a different way. Especially the Lisca wrap, with its soft, snug feel and the excellent binding properties, has made a great impression on many Trageboutique customers.


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Contribution from April 4, 2017


[Translation from the German text]

tragelotti-fDear Mrs. Hoffmann,

congratulations on the 45th anniversary of babywearing!

Personally, we started babywearing 13 years ago with a DIDYMOS baby wrap from 1975/76. This still had fringes and was only 2 meters long. I loved using it. Baby wrap and Ringsling “Paul” were added about 1 year later. True daily helpers! Babywearing makes everyone happy…parents…children…grandparents…

I have supported parents wanting to wear their children since 2012 with babywearing consultations at home. The Tragelotti shop was launched in October 2016 in Kolbermoor.

I love to sell DIDYMOS products as they have a high qualitative standard.

Best regards

Katalin Suldinger
Tragelotti Trageberatung und mehr


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Contribution from March 30, 2017

hiphip-ro-2-fDear Tina,

congratulations on the 45th anniversary. We are very happy to be part of this.

I send you a picture with our store located in Bucharest – Str Ion Calin nr 19 – HipHip Boutique.


With best regards,




I also have prepared a short movie:

Ein Beitrag geteilt von (@hiphipro) am

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Contribution from March 23, 2017


[Translation from the German text]

veganwearDear Mrs. Hoffmann,

congratulations on the 45th DIDYMOS anniversary and thank you so much for the perfect service all these years!

Back in the days when I still ordered privately for my children (now 12, 12 and 8), I was so happy with the beautiful wraps of high quality… so much that I decided to share this knowledge with other mothers.

This motivation and the wish to be there for the children were the reasons that I opened an online-shop in 2013. The focus is on ecological and vegan products. However, the baby wraps take up so much space that I can hardly manage anything else.

A happy jubilee year (I will follow suit personally this summer *1972)!

Best regards,
Marion Wagner



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Contribution from March 22, 2017

herzanherz-2-f  herzanherz-3-f  herzanherz-4-f


[Translation from the German text]

herzanherz-logo-fCongratulations on your anniversary!

My mother was acquainted with DIDYMOS and this is how I got to know about the company. When I in turn became a mother the first wrap I purchased was a DIDYMOS Orient Wrap so I could carry my son close to my heart. I completed a babywearing consultant training and became familiar with many other baby wrap brands. I had to refer my customers to the internet for the purchase of a baby carrier; this was unsatisfactory as people like to touch the material and feel the texture.

In December 2016, I launched my store “Herz an Herz”, among other things we offer a large range of baby carriers and wraps. Of course, DIDYMOS is part of our product range. DIDYMOS is perfect because the wraps are soft from the outset, they feel so cozy- this encourages newcomers to try out a wrap. The designs are classic and manifold. There is something to suit every taste.

Best regards
Anita Eichholzer


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Contribution from March 21, 2017


[Translation from the German text]

Dear Mrs. Hoffmann,

I beg forgiveness, but I can hardly recall when AUFBURG started to import and to sell DIDYMOS Baby Wraps. But I do recall that as soon as I heard from a physiotherapist that your mother produces baby wraps in Germany and cooperates with pediatricians and physiotherapists regarding tying methods, I wrote to her to find out whether she could supply us with baby wraps.

I worked as a textile engineer from 1964 – 1970 in Peru and I noticed that especially in the villages in the Andes mountains and in the fields mothers carried their children with them tied closely on their backs in a shawl. I noticed that children cried or even screamed very rarely. I was impressed by the self-confidence and the conduct of adolescent children. No fighting in the schoolyard or on the way home, the serenity and tranquility of adults, the way in which family members helped each other as a matter of course and the way young and old lived together in one household.

Imagine my delight at finding your mother and in realizing how thoroughly she focused on the subject of baby wraps for mother and child. I can imagine that many mothers would be grateful if they knew which materials, wrap lengths and tying methods DIDYMOS recommends. The treasure trove of knowledge of your company could help many mothers worldwide and contribute to people growing up in peace and self-confidence.

With best wishes and great gratitude, a VIVAT, CRESCAT, FLOREAT DIDYMOS

Otto von Aufschnaiter


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Contribution from March 20, 2017

IMG_7473-f  IMG_7538-f  IMG_7485-f


[Translation from the Italian text]

….what has led me to offer DIDYMOS products in my shop? One of my friends, a babywearing consultant, recommended DIDYMOS to me. She said that DIDYMOS is the “Ferrari” amongst baby wraps. And she was so right.

Your wraps are wonderful, the design as well. I have learned how to tie a wrap correctly thanks to DIDYMOS. The only wrap I had used before I opened my shop was an elastic one. Your company stands for tradition, passion and excellent consulting for the reseller.

I am very pleased with the decision I made.


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Contribution from March 18, 2017


doekjes-en-broekjes-fDoekjes en Broekjes started in 2003. We are speciallized in cloth diapers and baby carriers. We only sell organic cotton stuff made in Europe or fair trade.

That is one of the reasons why we love Didymos so much: organic cotton baby carriers made in Europe!
That is a unique combination which we really love.

We recommend Didymos also for the lovely and soft fabric, always in very beautifull designs and prints!

Best regards










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Contribution from March 15, 2017



[Translation from the German text]

We are happy to have DIDYMOS Baby Wraps in our product range for many years now.

They are an inherent part of our monthly babywearing courses and have proved their worth with our customers.
Thank you for the long-standing cooperation!

Bauchgefühl Konstanz
Kind regards,
Katharina Müller


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Contribution from March 14, 2017

kirschbaeumchen-f  kirschbaeumchen-2-f


[Translation from the German text]

My first baby wrap was a DIDYMOS Baby Wrap (Olaf) in 2005. I carried both of my sons and discovered babywearing in so many ways for myself. This DIDYMOS wrap opened a door for me which I did not know existed.

I opened an online shop for Baby Wrap Slings and Baby Carriers in 2009 and completed a babywearing consultant training – DIDYMOS was on board from the beginning. I very soon quit my job as a Siemens employee and focused full-time on babywearing. Since then, The Kirschbäumchen has grown from a small shop to one of Germany’s biggest babywearing shops with a retail space of over 100 square meters– and DIDYMOS still remains one of our top baby wrap Sling brands.
I also train babywearing consultants in my shop (Die Trageschule® Dresden, region Southwest Germany).

I could not imagine my everyday personal and professional life without DIDYMOS. Life is easy with the warm and communicative business culture as well as the high ecologic and social values, these are well represented in day-to day consulting.

DIDYMOS stands for quality, a professional and down-to-earth attitude. Typical Swabian mentality… (I as a person from Baden am allowed to say this.)

My Kirschbäumchen family and myself wish all the best to the Hoffmann family and all of the DIDYMOS team. Congratulations on your 45th anniversary. We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation.

Our warmest greetings from Nordbaden!

Isabell Knabe from the Kirschbäumchen Trageladen


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Contribution from March 14, 2017

babystuebchen-erlangen-2-f babystuebchen-erlangen-3-f


[Translation from the German text]

Dear Mrs Hoffmann,

first of all, our best wishes on your 45th anniversary. To exist for such a long time signifies good quality and innovation!
Well done and keep it up!

I love DIDYMOS wraps because they combine top quality, sustainability and family-friendliness with high carrying comfort, great designs and wonderful materials. And this for so many years.

My product range always includes different wraps, from the Lisca series and Jacquard wraps in general, not to forget the Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai), which is always in demand.

I particularly like as a retailer quick and flexible and customer-oriented order placement without a high minimum order quantity is no problem. This accommodates my warehousing exceedingly.

Dear DIDYMOS team, thank you so much and keep it up!

Martina Frisch
Babystübchen Erlangen


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