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Social Standards

What are DIDYMOS’ social standards?


Over the past few years, we have been asked this question more and more frequently. We are glad that it is being asked, as it means that there is a growing awareness for the manufacturing process and the value chains.


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We genuinely thought that as we produce everything within 400 km from our headquarters, we could answer this question by simply saying that we manufacture per ‘German social standards’. However, we realised that this does not actually answer all questions, particularly those coming from outside of Central Europe.


Let us take a closer look…
At DIDYMOS we do not just look at ecological standards. We want to manufacture all DIDYMOS baby wraps, carriers and children’s goods under clear, socially acceptable conditions.



We work closely with our manufacturing facilities and precursors, who are all based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and who also do not employ any subcontractors. As a rule, the maximum working time in these facilities is 38.5 hours per week. All staff members are entitled to social benefits such as pensions, health insurance, parental leave, maternity pay, sick pay, dismissal protection, etc.







Approximately half of all DIDYMOS employees either work part time, work from home or have flexible working hours where required so as to better combine work with family duties and personal needs. The DIDYMOS team includes staff members with disabilities that would otherwise have difficulty finding employment, and all staff members work closely together in all areas of the business from shipping/receiving, to customer interaction.


Many of our staff are former apprentices who were happy to continue on in our company after their training, in a permanent positon.
We are delighted that DIDYMOS has already been praised and even honoured multiple times as a family-friendly company. Babywearing helps to keep families connected and our ongoing goal is to help facilitate these connections through our work.