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Previous models

We have been weaving baby wraps since 1972 and it is interesting to observe how much has changed during these past few decades. In the babywearing world, patterns and colours have been influenced by fashion trends and as a result, some wrap patterns discontinued.

If there are owners of any vintage wraps, we wonder if there may be any photos tucked away somewhere. We would be most delighted to receive pictures and stories of the early wraps. The older, the better! The baby in the photo is Tina Hoffmann, current CEO of Didymos.

Her mother, Erika Hoffmann, first experienced babywearing in 1972 with a Rebozo shawl from Latin America which was given as a gift. The pretty pattern of this shawl was woven on a hand loom. Since no tying instructions accompanied the shawl, Erika experimented and settled on a Hip Carry with a shoulder twist. She did, however, feel that the fabric was not quite supportive enough for her when using this tying technique.


After many experiments with different fabrics, the ‘Jacquard’ weave was discovered to be suitable for a baby wrap. The first two DIDYMOS wraps were made using this complex technique. Erika Hoffmann was inspired by the original shawl and so she called the pattern by a name that was intended to honour and show appreciation. The appreciation is still alive, and the name has now been updated to Prima.


1972 – 1989
The patterns of the first Didymos wraps have become absolute classics and are still produced to this day. Over the past decades, they have been made in countless colours. The first two colours were ‘gold’ and ‘red-black’ and the ‘red-black’ wrap more recently made a comeback after a long absence.


In 1974, we discovered that in addition to Jacquard, twill was also suitable for making baby carrying wraps. This meant that we could produce striped wraps that looked the same both on the front and on the reverse sides.


The first four wraps were named after Mrs. Hoffmann’s four children: Anna, Tom, Tina and Lisa. Some of these names were used again a few years later for other wraps which led to a bit of confusion.


Flyer 1973

Flyer 1973

In November 1973, the first DIDYMOS brochure was printed – very professional, on smooth paper and with two colours! Up until that point, we had only black and white photocopied leaflets. It was also around this time that we explored the possibilities with a Jacquard loom. We created wraps with more adventurous patterns, most of which, however, are no longer available.


In the initial years, we were limited in terms of colours. There were only a few dyes that fulfilled our high standards for being skin-friendly, non-toxic and colour-fast. As a result, most of the colours available were all rather pale. From around 1980, the first bright dyes that we could use in good faith became available.

With the number of suitable dyes, our product range grew from eight to around thirty models at the beginning of the 1990s. Many of the patterns introduced then are still available today.



1990 – 1999
alte Jacquard-ModelleA new Jacquard loom that could weave a very fine, thick pattern lead to the creation of lots of new models. However, this meant that some older patterns had to be discontinued. Still, in 1999, we had almost forty different DIDYMOS wraps in our range.


2000 – Today
In the last few years, we had a big clear-out of older patterns. Despite this, we still have around 50 models to choose from. All current DIDYMOS wraps can be found in our shop.



Special editions
As we dye our yarn ourselves, sometimes there are some leftovers, for example, if we discontinue a model or if a colour does not quite live up to expectations. We then create special editions from this yarn. They do not differ in quality from our regular wraps, but they are available at a discounted price. Special editions are only available until the supply of yarn runs out.



The now Prima weave has been available in these special editions:

alte Indio-Modelle













Old fringed models:
















Old stripes models:

alte Streifen-Modelle


Special editions of the ‘Nino’ weave:

alte Nino-Modelle_900

For the Nino model, we changed the mother and child logo many times:
Up until 1980, the wraps had a simple logo.
Up until 1988, ‘Erika Hoffmann’ was written on both sides.
Up until 1999, ‘das Babytragetuch’ (the baby carry wrap) was written on one side.
Since the year 2000, we have been using the simple logo with no text.
We have tried to include all previous DIDYMOS models on this page, however our list is not quite complete. If you have an older DIDYMOS wrap that you cannot find either in our current range or here on this page, please let us know.