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sapiensSource: SAPIENS
(May 15 2017)

“How Babywearing Went Mainstream

Strapping a baby to one’s torso used to be taboo in the West. Now the practice has given rise to a community that stretches around the globe.

[…] Babywearing slowly gained acceptance as approaches to parenting changed in the United States throughout the 1990s—most notably with a marked increase in rates of breastfeeding and a shift away from the idea that babies needed to be taught to self-soothe, McKenna says.

“Through the years, babywearing became less taboo,” says Tina Hoffman, managing director at Didymos, a German company that has been making woven wraps since 1972 when Hoffman’s mother needed something to carry her and her twin sister. The practice attracted a lot of stares and attention in their German village, but, Hoffman explains, her mother believed so strongly in the benefits of babywearing that she raised funds and started making and selling wraps.[…]” Read on






Source: greenchild Magazine
(April 18, 2017)

From Ancient Times to Modern Parenting: The DIDYMOS Babywearing Legacy

Sometimes it’s tough being the first one in the neighborhood trying a new thing. While babywearing is far from new, its journey into the mainstream consciousness has been a slow one. Back in 1972, Erika Hoffmann knew this exact feeling.

At a time when it was practically unheard of for children to sleep with their parents or even breastfeed, the creator of DIDYMOS wraps looked at raising her twins, Tina and Lisa, tried something that many women worldwide had done for centuries – tying the crying baby to her body to both soothe and get her own housework done.


‘Before then I had been fascinated by reports from distant countries where women pursued their daily work in a most uncomplicated way while intimately attached to their children,’ Hoffmann explained. ‘I owned a carrying shawl from Central America; but it seemed too exotic at first and that is why I had hidden it in the chest of drawers.’

‘But now the time had come. I tried for a while until I found the right method and walked through our village where we had moved a few weeks before the birth of our twins. Very soon we were the talk of the village and not all the comments were positive. But the twins convinced me. They started smiling as soon as they saw the cloth, and I also enjoyed the physical contact, once with Lisa, then with Tina, just like a prolonged pregnancy.'” Read on







(February 20, 2017)

“Das Babytragen hat DIDYMOS nicht erfunden, aber in der westlichen Gesellschaft war es lange in Vergessenheit geraten. Erika Hoffmann hat es 1971 wieder eingeführt und damit das Fundament für DIDYMOS geschaffen. Schon früh hatten sie Berichte aus fernen Ländern fasziniert, in denen Mütter ganz unkompliziert und mit ihren Kindern aufs engste verbunden ihrer täglichen Arbeit nachgehen.” Read on  (German language)








Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung vom 16. Juli 2015

Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung July 16, 2015

Source: Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung, July 16, 2015

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Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung vom 8.12.2014

Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung December 8, 2014

Source: Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung, December 8, 2014

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Eltern 12-13

Eltern, Edition 12/2013

Source: Eltern 12/2013, Author: Nora Imlau, Pictures: Nicolas Fabian Kammerer.


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Heilbronner Stimm, 09.03.1972

Heilbronner Stimme, March 9, 1972

Source: Heilbronner Stimme March 9, 1972


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Stern, Ausgabe 24/1972

Stern, 24/1972

Source: Stern, 24/1972


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