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There are People at the other end of the Internet

In this computer age, we are pleased to introduce our staff, face to face.

You may also come into contact with other members of our staff who prefer not to appear on this page, for personal reasons.




Work and Training at DIDYMOS in Ludwigsburg


DIDYMOS in Ludwigsburg

DIDYMOS is open six days a week. The people who work at DIDYMOS are from 16 to 79 years old and they have roots in Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Russia, the Kosovo, Turkey and Germany.

Most of them are women, most are working part time between 8-30 hours per week and fewer of us work full time.

Four are qualified employees with a disability.

Four are apprentices, learning three years with us and visit school twice a week.

Two are currently on maternity leave.

And six of us have 10 children aged 0-15 years.