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Code of Ethics and Conduct

Compliance, Inclusivity and Diversity

Didymos is a family owned company with 45 years of experience in producing babywearing apparel. Our vision is that of deepening the bond between parent and child in a practical fashion. Our company was founded with the wish and intention to make babywearing accessible to as many parents and babies as possible.
Throughout our company’s history, we have maintained the highest ethical and social standards. We are proud of the work we do, the products we make and our business conduct.
We are one of the leading premium brand companies and our strength lies in the trust that our customers, partners, employees and the general public place in us. Consistent commitment to the values of trustworthiness and reliability, to ethical standards and to the principle of legality and legitimacy is extremely important. We have developed this Code of Conduct in order to emphasis the importance of this commitment.


Code of Ethics
We recognise that our corporate responsibility is exhibited through our activities as a company. Our commitment to the highest standards is evident in all of our working environments, from our considerations for the environment to our impact on society, amongst our staff and as a whole.
Social responsibility and environment
We strive for the environmentally responsible procurement and use of natural resources (considering energy use, impact on water supplies, safe farming and cultivation practices, and more) in the production and distribution of our products. We carefully source our own high quality yarns which are certified to meet all of our high ethical standards. All of our manufacturing sites are within short distances to us.


Diversity and Inclusivitiy
We respect all individuals’ personal rights for privacy. We are committed to a working environment based on trust, equal opportunities, respect and tolerance and reject strongly any form of harassment, intimidation and bullying. All types of discrimination is prohibited.
We are committing to the inclusion and recognition of all people working with us or for us regardless of race, age, culture, ability, ethnicity or nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status.


All potential or actual conflicts of interest must be declared immediately so that matters may be remedied quickly.


In recognition of our social responsibilities, we donate to non-profit and charitable organisations, as well as other associations that have no business ties with DIDYMOS. We primarily seek to support world-wide organisations whose missions centre around the well-being of children, e.g. education, medical health, living standards, etc. This is governed by our strong principle of altruism and is clearly distinguishable through our sponsorship objectives.