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DIDYMOS - Öko Test

Since ÖKO-TEST was first published, DIDYMOS baby wraps have always been rated ‘very good’ (the highest rating) whenever baby carriers and wraps are tested. After a slight hiccup in the 04/2011 issue, our wrap was re-rated in the follow-up issue 06/2011 from ‘good’ to ‘very good’. That made it the only baby carrier tested to receive top marks.


Öko-Test magazine examined the following:

  • Purchase
  • Chemicals
  • The wrap in use


Three experts tested the baby carriers with children of different ages and parents of different heights. Physiotherapist Birgit Kienzle Müller from Bad Friedrichshall checked to see if the head of the child had sufficient support as the musculature of the cervical spine is not strong enough to control the head during the first few months of life. Ulrike Höwer, head of Die Trageschule in Dresden, made sure that a wrap could be tied tightly, a carrier was easy to adjust and a ring sling could be fanned out wide enough on the shoulder of the mother or the father. Sabine Hartz, kinaesthetics specialist from Hamburg, checked to see to what extent and how well the children could align their heads, breastbones, pelvis, arms and legs on their mother’s bodies.