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Baby Blanket Magic Forest Monochrome

Item no. dhd-102
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100 % Organic Cotton

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Product description

Soft and cushy blanket providing a wonderful feeling of coziness and protection. Ecru and black, the third combination of these popular blankets in the even more popular pattern of the DIDYMOS Magic Forest.

Made from a lightweight double weave fabric, the cushy blanket is yet densely woven and very durable. All in 100% organic cotton, the blanket is soft and breatheable and makes a versatile swaddler, cover, playtime blanket.

Combining natural white and black cotton, the lovely blanket features the beautiful floral motifs and fabulous animals of our Magic Forest pattern, all framed with a large border woven in anthracite.

A great blanket for babys but also children of any age and their parents. A blanket that will be loved for years and years to come, as an oft-used blanket or plaid.

Size 140 x 140 cm

Machine washable

Size: 140 x 140 cm

Colour: Black, White

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed

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