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Sleep Sack Katja Lined

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100 % Organic Cotton

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Product description

Made from soft organic cotton or cotton blend wrap fabric, Didymos sleeping bags are a great way to keep your little ones warm at night or during naptime.

The soft bag is secured by a soft waistband and keeps baby cozy from under the arms down. Knitted from organic cotton, the high, stretchy waistband gently embraces the child without pinching, while the wide leg bag leaves space for little legs to wiggle about. The waistband can be rolled down to adjust to your child‘s size and needs.

The sleeping bag is lined with soft organic cotton plush on the inside for a wonderful feeling of warmth and well-being.

Made from soft, tear-proof cotton wrap fabric, model Katja features a colourful stripes pattern.

100% organic cotton

Made in Southern Germany

Size  1:
Newborn to 6 months
Length approx. 49 cm including waistband
Width of waistband abt.11 cm

Size 2:
6-12 months
Length approx. 65 cm including waistband
Width of waistband abt. 11 cm

Colour: Mulitcoloured, Orange

Washable: Max. 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Low Spin Speed

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